Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Highlighting The Not-So-Lost Arts: Allan T. Adams - Architectural Illustrator

I have previously noted how much I have always enjoyed the work of Sydney R. Jones (1881-1966) whose fabulous illustrations grace the pages of books like The Manor Houses of England, The Village Homes of England, Old Houses in Holland and How to Draw Houses, which I have previously highlighted on this site. In a similar fashion, I have also collected some of the works by R. J. Brown, whose pen-and-ink drawings of vernacular houses and village buildings add so much to the descriptions found in English Village Architecture, English Farmhouses, and The English Country Cottage.

In this age of photography and wondrous digital effects, the sublime results that can be gained via the illustrator’s trained hand are often forgotten. Yet there are few substitutes for the range of evocative feelings that can be elicited from a fine pencil or pen-and-ink drawing.

Allan T. Adams - Illustrator

Recently I have had the opportunity to marvel at the skill of an architectural illustrator who has found his way onto my Twitter feed—Allan T. Adams. Just as I was thinking that the only source of fine illustrations of ancient English buildings were old books, his work has renewed my enthusiasm for this art form and provided much enjoyment.

Allen T. Adams - Illustrator

Mr. Adams has much experience illustrating historic buildings, as he is retired from Historic England (formerly English Heritage) having worked on a number of projects, such as reconstruction drawings.

Allen T. Adams - Illustrator

He has been illustrating historic buildings since 1981--creating drawn records for archive purposes, and illustrating books and other publications. His widely-recognized skill and experience eventually led to his election as a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 2008.

Allen T. Adams - Illustrator

I will share just a few examples of his very fine work here; as you can see, he is highly skilled in sharply-detailed pen-and-ink drawings as well as exquisite watercolour illustrations.

Allen T. Adams - Illustrator

Mr. Adams has a member page on the Society of Architectural Illustrators site HERE as well as a Flicker page HERE

You will also be well-rewarded by following him on Twitter at @allantadams -- where he regularly shares examples of his illustrative work.

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