Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lottery May Fund Efforts to Restore Betchworth Castle

Four years ago, Martin Higgins purchased Betchworth Castle, a former medieval manor house for a single Pound. Now, he is trying to secure lottery funding to complete his ambitious restoration project. A building historian from Brockham, Mr. Higgins has since been busy in efforts to restore the building site. The success of his plan will rely heavily on his bid to obtain £500,000 of lottery money, which he plans to use for improvements to the castle's terrace, re-planting hedges, creating paths and improving access to the area.


"Since I was a child it has been my dream to own Betchworth Castle and allow others to visit it without trespassing," Mr Higgins said. "It will never be a major tourist attraction, but it is an important part of our local heritage and the views are splendid."

So far, the project has already been funded by English Heritage and Surrey Historic Buildings Trust, but more money is needed to complete the work. Higgins added, "Within a few years I hope to get the paths and landscaping sorted out, but it can be enjoyed in its wild state now."

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