Friday, October 1, 2010

Hillingdon Council's North Planning Committee Considers Proposals to Knock Down Oakhurst

The fate of a locally listed, Tudor-style home in Northgate (UK) remains to be seen after developers launched an appeal ahead of a decision on plans to demolish the property. Although permission has already been granted to renovate and extend the property - which dates from the 1920s - the developer, Banner Homes, argues that it is in a very poor state of repair.

At least 54 residents have signed a petition that objects "to the wanton destruction of Oakhurst", which was built by local craftsman Frederick Tibbenham. It is also adjacent to another historic property, Tudor House.


"Banner Homes has shown scant concern for wildlife and have not given suitable justification to knock down this beautiful property," said petitioner Lesley Crowcroft. "Oakhurst and Tudor House stand together and it will be a great loss to the area if the building is demolished."

Ultimately, the committee rejected the scheme by a universal vote, despite the appeal being lodged in advance.

"We do appreciate the demolition of the house is controversial but the planning appeal system has been established to determine such applications and we await the outcome of the appeal," said Piers Banfield, spokesman for Banner Homes.

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Pandora Melly said...

As there has already been an offer of £650K from a private buyer within the last year, Banner Homes' wish to demolish due to the building 'being in a poor state of repair' is developer-speak for an attempt to increase profit by destroying a beautiful house so that they can build two more of their 'executive homes' on its site.

Pandora Melly, Campaigner, Save Oakhurst From Destruction By Developers