Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plenty of Olde English Choices for New England House Tour Lovers

The Luxist recently had a brief roundup of some of New England's great estate tours, including Lenox, Massachusetts' Ventfort Hall, an impressive Elizabethan Revival mansion that really showcases the Gilded Age revival style.

PHOTO CREDIT: www.guildedage.org.

A sister of J. Pierpont Morgan purchased the property in 1891 and hired prominent Boston architects Rotch & Tilden, to design the house (above) which also served as 'the orphanage" in the movie Cider House Rules. Another revival standout is Hammond Castle (below) in Gloucester, Massachusetts - a medieval style castle built during the 1920s. It's currently open as a museum and includes displays of medieval armor.

PHOTO CREDIT: www.hamondcastle.org.

Having spent considerable time in Massachusetts over the past several years, I can attest to the fact that this region is home to many beautiful and well-preserved examples of Medieval and Tudor revival homes. Check out the rest of the article HERE.

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