Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Into the Past -Through the Peeper's Looking Glass

One of the most entertaining sites I've found on the web is The Victorian Peeper, which focuses on a wide-range of miscellanea covering nineteenth century Britain. Not only does the blog offer a wealth of original and entertaining insights, but it probably offers the most comprehensive list of Victorian related links to be found anywhere on the Internet. These include news articles, book reviews, exhibitions and events, festivals...just about every relevant item for which you could ask.

The Victorian Age is always of interest to me, especially in terms of the architectural revivals that came about during this time. The scholarly study, interpretation and re-interpretation of historic building styles was perhaps unsurpassed, and the period's architects--Shaw, Devey, Webb, Butterfield, Pugin and many others--produced much of the century's most memorable work.Though famous for not being easily amused, I doubt that even Queen Victoria herself could fail to be amused by The Victorian Peeper.

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Kristan Tetens said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my site! I'm very glad to have discovered yours and will add you to my blogroll.