Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Country House Architect as Dashing Hero? That Sums up The Steadfast...

 As I have discussed previously in the "About" section of the site, my study and interest in ancient English building styles and revival-style architecture left me rather empty after the completion of my home in the 1990's. While the work has continued on there over the years  (and it still does) I had sought to use the knowledge I had gained in some useful manner, and The Steadfast was the result.

While the book is also currently available through Amazon in a print version, I just finished converting it to a PDF ebook version that is available from Lulu at $4.99.  To check out a few sample chapters, head over to .

We are providing some copies of the ebook version for free to the first six of our friends who make the request via Twitter - just DM @thelonggallery to let us know - and please be sure to give us a review when you are finished!

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